The singular adventures of a singular character.

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In a parallel world identical to ours, when a human agrees to make a pact with a spirit, he finds himself bound to life with an angel or a demon …

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A dark fantasy universe in which the balance between Order, Chaos and Neutrality is fragile.

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Other projects

Help a charming old lady to cross the city on her scooter, and get rid of the rascals who want to seize his bag.

Infinite runner for Android platforms.

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You gain pessos by stacking bricks, allowing you to explore the GameJunk world.
But beware; the evil ghosts have escaped from PacMan and are in your pursuit.

They want your pesos !

Fortunately some bonuses like brick-breakers will help you to increase your profits while reducing the number of bricks.

Will you be able to reach the last level?
You could meet a particular challenge …

Flash game.

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The train to Ghost Town was hijacked following to a goblin revolt at the Western Highlands Penitentiary. The worst scoundrels of known territories are now free…

The charlatan, the pistoleroina and the soldier were sent on the spot to put everything in order ….

Action-adventure game with multiplayer and versus mode.

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Ride to the castle to face the vampire who terrorizes the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

Infinite runner for Android, iOs and web platforms.

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In this mini-golf game you will have to use all your resources to reach the last course.

3D mini golf game for web platform.

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