The story of the wanderings of Alewinn, one of the residents of the “Goodmoments” psychiatric hospital…

The design mode is carried out in two successive “passes”; a first pass in “Storyboard” mode and a second pass of graphic processing (manual inking / colors).

The storyboard is designed from renderings of scenes created in Blender 3D
The characters are – in part – created using MakeHuman.
The pages in Web and Comics format are then assembled in Photoshop then inked and colored in “Storyboard” format.
When the storyboard is sufficiently advanced (approximately every 5 pages), one of the pages published on is used for more in-depth graphic processing and then updated on Tapas.

The publication frequency is 2 (sometimes 3) storyboard sheets per week, except for weeks of in-depth graphics processin